Monday, April 27, 2009

Push - Original Impressionist landscape Cloud Painting

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This is my contribution.
Original Impressionist Landscape Cloud Painting
Two forces, pushing against each other. I live on a hill and the wind blows all the time. We have a 90 year old tree that leans toward the wind, like the tree in my painting. For 90 years this tree has battled the wind, each pushing against the other. When Hurricane Ike came though last year we had 90 mile an hour winds for 3 hours. Our electricity was out for 3 1/2 days. There was 1 million people without electricity, because of all the trees that had blown over. But there on the hill, still standing, is our old tree. Because the struggle, pushing against the wind, had made it stronger, so it was able to stand when the storm came. Do you have things and circumstances pushing against you?

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  1. Your use of colour is inspired and inspiring, Derek. I can feel the tension between the wind and the tree.