Monday, April 27, 2009

original impressionist landscape painting - Day 14

"Wind Blown"
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I am back from the show. It usually take me a couple day to recover from a show, especially if it's hot, and it was. So I will be laying around like a zombie for a while. The mental part is the toughest. I have to be mentally focused to paint, and after a show I need to paint, but my mind is in hibernation for a while. The social aspect of selling is entirely drainly. I have talked myself out. I came home last night and my son had a wild, baby, bunny that he caught in the yard. What was my wife thinking, when she let them bring it in the house. It got lose and we have been chasing it around the house this morning.


  1. what medium did you use for this painting?

  2. Hi, It is Acrylic on Masonite. I often do a lot of blending,so it's really hard to tell if my paintings are oil or acrylic. I started out 25 years ago, painting in oil.