Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cape Henry original watercolor lighthouse painting

"Cape Henry Lighthouse"
Original Watercolor Painting

Listed in My Etsy Watercolor store
It has been a busy week. I met with a company that decorates Hotels and Hospitals. They produce the prints, matt, frame, and hang the paintings. They are publisher/designer type company. They have been a regional company and are looking to go National. Hopefully something good will come from it.
Now I am in the middle of putting Granite Tiles on top of our old Formica Counter Top. What a mess. I did a 4 foot section yesterday, I now know that I wasn't meant to be a Tiler. I guess it is good to have that knowledge, just in case someone decides to do a infomercial about how you can become rich by starting a tiling company. I will now know to resist.

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