Sunday, March 1, 2009

Storm coming! - Impressionism Acrylic Storm Painting on Canvas

"Natures Imposing Presence"
18x24 Impressionism Acrylic Storm Painting on Canvas
By artist Derek T Collins
Have you been though a storm lately. I bet you thought you were the only one. While you were struggling, all the people around you were wearing their masks. Their happy faces hiding their secret pain. You weren't alone in your struggle. You just didn't know it! My van broke down a couple years ago in a small town in the middle of Wisconsin on the way to an art show. It was a very costly and painful experience. I was at the show and I was telling another artist about my problem. He said there are only 2 kinds of artist. Those who are broken down and those who are about to break down. Life is sometimes that way. I pray that your storm passes quickly.

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