Friday, March 13, 2009

Taxes - original acrylic mountain scene on canvas

"Fall in the Mountains"

by Derek Collins
Original acrylic mountain scene on canvas
I haven't had time to paint the last 2 days as I am still working on taxes. So here is a painting from a couple days ago. I am drinking Decaf today, I love coffee, but every couple weeks I have to detox myself on Decaf for a couple days. I French roast it, so it taste pretty good, but there aren't too many choices of different coffees when you get Decaf. I found a local roaster, and since I buy 10 pounds at a time they sell it to me Wholesale. I hope they survive the down turn I would hate to have to find somewhere else to get coffee. We didn't have a single coffee shop until about 6 years ago. Then all of a sudden we had 5. Now that the economy is so bad, we have lost 3 of them. When you start losing coffee shops, it is the end of society as we know it.

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