Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back to the knife! Large seascape on canvas

"Tumultuous Sea"
18x36 large acrylic seascape on canvas, with palette knife
By Artist Derek T Collins
Link to follow, it will be listed in my Ebay store late tonight

Closeup of a large acrylic seascape on canvas

Painting the last painting, got me in the mood to paint with a palette knife. The sky was painted with a brush, but the ocean was painted with a knife.
And now, I will wax poetic!
By Artist Derek T. Collins

"Crashing Waves"
From a distant shore, in an unknown place.
An unseen wave, over rock did break.
And the reef did sway, in the current below.
The seaweed churned, in the tumultuous flow.
The water raised as a giant hand.
To thrust itself on the rock and sand.
With it's quest fulfilled, it returned once more.
To the deep dark depths of the ocean floor.

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