Thursday, April 7, 2011

Abstract Birch Aspen Trees Original Painting

Abstract Birch Aspen Trees Original Painting
In Artist Derek Collins Etsy Store

"Standing Out From The Crowd"
12 x 36
My first show is in a couple weeks. I seem to do my most productive painting when I am under a deadline. In the two week period before the first show I usually go on a painting binge, and I paint two months worth of painting. If the show goes well I will keep on painting at a furious pace. If the show doesn't go well, then it can send me into a creative lull. I wish it wasn't that way. But selling give me creative energy. It also gives me direction and ideas of other things to paint. The creative energy also come from interacting with art collectors and getting direction from the feedback I get from they regarding my new work. Some of the new painting will stand out from the crowd, some will go virtually unnoticed. That's how I get direction from their feedback.


  1. Wow! This painting of Birch Aspen Trees is absolutely outstanding! Bravo Derek! I just simply LUV it!

  2. Thanks,I am liking it also, I am going to do some more with different colored backgrounds. I guess it's my version of a velvet Elvis.