Friday, March 11, 2011

Original Barn Painting Modern Abstract Acrylic

Original Barn Painting Modern Abstract Acrylic
"Barn on a Hill"
in Artist Derek Collins Etsy Store
I sometimes get questions from people who don't understand abstracts. I have been asked numerous time if the red ground is suppose to be lava. In case you were wondering. No!


  1. Love the painting...and oh my gosh, I laughed so hard reading that. Lava? Really? Oh boy.

  2. It's good to see you posting more paintings again. I missed looking at them. We're looking forward to seeing your new stuff at the art shows coming up. I really like these abstracts from the last few days. Especially the lava!

  3. Cate:
    Thanks,I am liking them as well! They are a little different from anything I have done before.

    I was at one show and I had abstracts and landscapes paintings. One person asked me if I had any dolphins. Then a few minutes later, someone said they were at the show yesterday and saw a photograph of a little boy in a village in India, and they wondered if they saw it in my booth. I didn't even know what to say to that. Then I had someone ask me if the 5ft x 4ft painting on canvas, with 1/2 inch thick paint, was a print.

    While I am on a roll.
    At one show I had a very large,detailed ,watercolor snow scene. This person when on and on about how awesome the birds in the painting were. I was dumbfounded by this because the birds were basically very small little check marks in the very distant sky.

    Then there was the woman who stood in front of one of my snow scene and kept shuddering and saying,"OH'. Like 4 times. Because she said the painting was so realistic it was making her cold.

  4. Jason:Thanks! I have been painting, I just got out of the habit of posting . I'll try to do better. lol. I am liking the lava as well. It will be good to start doing shows so I can get out of the studio.