Friday, January 1, 2010

Star Trek and Original Miniature Aceo painting of a country road

"Memory Lane"
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches
original miniature Aceo painting country road
^In my Ebay Store^
$18 US $18.50 International

Happy New Year Everyone,
I am having a hard time believing it is 2010 and only 2 years till the end of the world. Just kidding! There have been a lot of books on the year 2012. I am now living in or past the time frame of most of the science fiction shows that I saw as a kid.
Star Trek
This talk of science fiction has gotten me thinking about Star Trek and the future. They seem to work all the time. Some things never change!

I have heard other people talk about the fact that they never go to the bathroom. That got me to thinking that maybe they aren't getting enough fluids. There are many different levels to a Starship and what, like 370 people or so. It's like a small city. But the only place they seem to be able to get water, is in their rooms or in the Cafeteria. That's pretty inconvenient, they are probably all dehydrated. It's no wonder that they don't ever go to the bathroom.

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