Thursday, July 9, 2009

Original watercolor sunset painting with Moon - Happy Independence Day

"Late One Evening"
Original watercolor sunset painting with Moon
miniature ACEO
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches
14.99 in My Ebay Store
Happy Late Independence Day
We just watched the movie again for the Ga- Billionth time. I have teenage boys, for some reason they like movies where things get blown up. Of course, I was watching it with them, so what's that say about me?
At the end they only have 2 minutes to coordinate an attack against all the evil Aliens ships across the planet. Wow! They actually did it! The movie was done pretty well. Except, the scene where the Alcoholic, Loony Pilot, flies his ship into the alien ship and blows it up. They might as have tied a model plane to a string. That was so fake looking, I can't believe they put it in the movie.
Without that scene, the movie would have been totally believable!

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  1. Try watching that movie with a "buttkicker" under the couch. The whole ROOM shakes!!!

    Happy Late Independence Day to you too.

    Love the watercolor "Late One Evening". Reminds me of my Aunties Farm. I love that place!

    Aloha! Lisabongzee