Thursday, June 18, 2009

Original watercolor ACEO birch tree painting - Day 59

"Along the Road"
On Ebay $14.99
The painting a day thing has started to become difficult. Painting the painting is the easy part. Taking photos and getting them ready for the Internet is the more difficult thing, time wise. Especially, during the show season. Most shows require me to be away from home 3 days at least, and then when I get home I am totally fatigued. I am a quiet person by nature. I have learned to be outgoing at my art shows. I have friends who are very outgoing, they are energised by being in the middle of things, talking to anything that moves. While I have grown to enjoy the experience,the interaction, for me it is exhausting. I want to go home and not say anything to anybody for an extended period of time. That goes double for typing clever words for invisible people to read.

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