Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow from Hell!

Well it snowed again! It didn't seem like a big deal, only about 2 inches. It was a dry powdery snow. The roads are really pretty clear. Except for one road. If you have read the past few blogs, you gotta be thinking that something has happened, and you are right. My son went to a Basketball game to play in the band. We told him to go down the main Highway because the road is clear. We told him not to take the back road because it is very windy and the snow is drifting. Of course, he took the back road. So he calls,stuck in the road, NOT!! He had one tire in the road, the other 3 were in the ditch. He said that he saw that someone was in the ditch. It must have looked like fun, because when I got there, it looked as though they were taking their driving test. They were parallel parked in the ditch, right beside each other. God must have felt sorry for us, as I got there a Tow truck came to pull the car in front of him out. I found out the Tow truck guy only lives about a mile from us. Since he already got paid for pulling the other lady out, he pulled us out for free. He said, "Don't worry about it, there's are still good people in the world." I think he was right. I started painting some acrylic landscapes on canvas today. I will show you one, when I can get around to taking a photo of one.

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