Sunday, February 1, 2009

Impending doom!

Well the snow is melting, afer 6 days we finally have all the cars dug out. It's not official, but I'm hearing different people say we are going to get between 6 and 10 inches of snow on Monday. Good grief, when will the madness end. No time to paint, I've been spending all my time clearing the driveway. After sitting in the house freezing our be- geebers off for a few days, you might be able to guess what we had for Sunday dinner. CHILE, yummy!Add Image In light of the past few days and the forcast of further snow, I thought the painting below would be apropo. It's called "The Coming Storm". It's a Miniature 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches.

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  1. I love your dramatic recount of your survival of the recent weather crisis...It was quite entertaining!
    Our survival story is no where near as dramatic.... Thank God for that!
    Our power remained intact, but we were invaded at 5am Tuesday morning by my niece, her husband and two kids(ages 3 and 1.) With Michelle being gone that provided enough sleeping room for everyone, but the one year old who needed to be in a safe place and watch closely. No crib in THIS house anymore! Well I took that job of sleeping with the one year old. My niece couldn't really do that...she really needs her rest....did I mention she's expecting twins in July? I got very little sleep the 2-1/2 days they were here. At first our yorkies were a little too excited about our guests, but as it turned Buster had to have some pain meds a couple of weeks ago for a back/hip injury and we had some had a nice calming effect on both of them. :)
    Our church was in the middle of a 21 day fast and i had just moved up to an all liquid fast the day before the storm. I have done this before and had things that Bobby and Kimberly can warm up in the microwave to eat and usually have no problems....
    Well, add 2 kids, 2 drugged up yorkies, sleep depravation, being home bound, which I DON"T DO, a lady pregnant with twins and having to cook extra meals while fasting and it was a real "treat".
    I left Thursday to go to get a prescription filled and escape for a few minutes and check to see if their electricity was back on since I was out. :) I discovered it was on, but they had overlooked their 3 year old daughter's beta fish in the frenzy of getting out of the house. Needless to say, he was belly up and stone cold!
    My niece said the fish needed to be "replaced" before they got home or Ella would be devastated. So in the midst of all this I made a mad dash to Meijers to get a new "Blue Fish" (his name) for my niece. I had never done that for my kids, but here I find myself doing it for my niece's kids.
    In the middle of this major storm people are buying food, rock salt, shovels and me, I'm out in the cold buying a beta fish!
    I rushed back to their house replaced the fish, went back to my house paced them up and took them all home.
    What started as a short jaunt to the corner to just get out of the house ended up lasting 3 hours and involved 6 different stops and cleaning out a fish bowl and decieving a 3 year old!
    I didn't even get to give the original "Blue Fish" a decent 'burial at sea' by flushing the little guy down the toilet since their water was turned off to avoid the pipes from busting!!!
    Well after second thought...maybe mine was quite dramatic after all!