Monday, February 2, 2009

Bar Harbor Lighthouse, Maine

It looks as though the threat of further snow was just mass hysteria. Now I can get back to painting. The painting below is Bass Harbor Lighthouse, it is near Bar Harbor, Maine. I believe it is in Acadia National Park. This painting was painted from a photograph that I took about 10 years ago. There was a sign that said , "DO NOT ENTER FALLING ROCK". I traveled all the way from Indiana, I wasn't going to let a little sign stop me from getting a photo. My Wife and I traveled the Maine coast line taking Lighthouse photos. We went in late October when my art shows were over. It was at the very end of the season and a lot of the shops were starting to close for the winter. It started getting dark around 4:00, if I remember correctly. We had to hustle each day to beat the setting sun. We started at Bar Harbor and traveled the coastline south to Kennebunk. I would highly recommend the trip.

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  1. beautiful lighthouse! If you ever do anything with ships (especially piratesque) let me know!