Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why am I here, my first post!

My First post. I find this experience to be one of lifes strange ironies. By nature, artist have swirling creative thoughts dancing around their heads 24/7 . It is easy for us to withdraw into a small little room in our heads and play with our toys, all by ourselves. A man of few words, I now sit here typing thoughts to absolute strangers. Even worse, this may be a futile exercise and I am merely talking to myself. Notice me, love me! I guess when I say this I am referring to my art, but I think you are also echoing the same refrain. If you promise to notice me I will try to remember to notice you, when I am standing beside you at the Grocery store or in a bank line.

"The Boat"
10x14 original watercolor

"The Boat"
So still it lay,
at the end of day.
As the sun set low,
'bove the rocky shoal.
As a still soft breeze,
filters through the trees.
And the lake so high,
in the mountain side.
And the boat did play,
in the lake that day.
And the traveler speaks,
of the lake so sweet,
and longs for his return.
Derek T. Collins, great painter, amateur poet.

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