Saturday, January 17, 2009

Starbucks lament!

"Gathering of Friends"
7x10 original watercolor,
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I am torn as the art show season is about to begin. I as I travel the country, I have exits marked where I can get a Starbucks coffee. I am fearful that I'm going to get to one of those exits and it will be one of the stores that they have closed. After having a good art show and raking in the dough, I can drive late into the night on the adrenalin. After a show that has gone badly, maybe I have lost a bundle, there is nothing so depressing as a 8 to 14 hour drive home. My only solace has been a good cup of coffee. I'll admit,I am a coffee snob. I like pure region specific coffee. Ethiopian and Sumatran are 2 of my favorites. I liked being able to go into a Starbucks and sample different coffees from different regions. Don't these Starbucks people know that coffee is like a fine wine. Each one has it's own distinctive flavor. What were they thinking, when they came out with the generic, HOUSE COFFEE. What the heck is House Coffee, is it all the left over coffee that was laying around the house. Is it all the coffee they that they couldn't sell. Imagine going to a nice restaurant and paying $75 for a bottle of wine, The House Wine, a combination of White and Red wine. How absurd! I want to know what I am drinking. If I didn't like the coffee they had on a particular day, I knew I would like it the next. This new HOUSE COFFEE is generic, it's not that I dislike it, it's just OK, and it's hard to get excited about OK.

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