Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Interview Part 2

8. What areas of Art are you involved in? (Time periods)
Realism, Cubist, Impressionist, Abstract, Impasto. My work would often fall between two categories. Some of my landscapes would fall between Realism / Impressionism, Modern /Realism, Abstract/landscape
9. Where do you show your work? (I know that you show your work at the annual Chautauqua in Madison, Indiana. What others shows do you attend on an annual basis?)
The shows that I have listed are all ranked as a top 100 show in the nation. At this level of art show there are artist there from the 50 states and Europe. They are juried art shows, where 2000 people apply and maybe only 150 to 400 people get in. I have to pay a $30 jury fee, just to apply. I may have to apply to 3 shows on the same weekend to make sure that I get in one. Dogwood has been my best show ever for sales, but I am only able to get in it every 3 years or so. There are a few lower grade shows that are grand-fathered once you get in. Most of the really big shows are a crap shoot.
Cottonwood Art Fair: Dallas, TX
Bayou City Art Fair: Houston, TX
Manayunk Art Fair: Philadelphia, PA
Dogwood Art Fair: Atlanta, GA
Ann Arbor Art Fair: Ann Arbor, MI
Virginia Beach Art Fair: VA Beach, VA
Uptown Art Fair: Minneapolis, MN
St James Art Fair: Louisville, KY
Lamieier Art Fair: St. Louis, MO
The Magnificent Mile: Chicago, IL
10. What is your favorite historical period and why?
Cubist movement, (pun intended) it was a totally out of the box type thinking.
11. What is your favorite piece of art, your own work and how about another artist work?
My favorite work of my own is "Look at Me"
It's 5ft x 4ft, It's mixed media with acrylic and molding medium. The paint is built up so that the main tree looks 3D. It’s really unique, and it has come to be what other artist and collectors remember me for. It stands out in the crowd.
Favorite other artist, Picasso, "Three Musicians" it's Cubism.
12. Who is your favorite artisan
I will say Picasso. Let me give you a basketball analogy, since I am from Indiana. When you go to a local basketball game, everyone who is knowledgeable about basketball, would have an opinion about how the coach could have done something better. That is what I see when I look at other peoples art. Picasso invented mixed media, he did Cubism, Realism, Abstract and pencil sketches. I like Picasso's Cubism, I hate his more figurative distorted portraits. It's not that I like his art so much, I like the fact that he was always trying something different and that is the way I approach art.
13. When Rick and I celebrated our tenth anniversary and renewed our vows, you gave us one of your paintings as a gift. This painting still hangs in our home and has been an inspiration to me that our lighthouse is God. I guess the question I would like to ask is; do all of your paintings show inspiration, and do you have series of paintings with the same subject matter?
At times I am inspired and other times I am not. It's hard to paint, when my mind isn't clear. I am not able to control my circumstances. When I am thinking about problems, we all have them, it shuts me down. In those times, I have to force myself to paint. The paintings turn out good, but the process is laborious, it takes longer to do a painting. When I'm inspired I go on painting binges. I will paint numerous paintings a day for a couple weeks. After this I will be totally drained and won't be able to paint for a while.
Yes I sometimes do paintings in a series, I did a series called "The Lovers" It was landscape paintings that had two lovers walking, in a boat, on the beach etc. Sometimes I do the same the same scene in different colors, different season or time of day.
14. Do you have a web site for others to view your work

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