Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy birthday to Me!!

You see on my profile that I am 50. My birthday was in August and I have a present that I haven't yet gotten. I told a friend about my present and he replied" There but by the Grace of God, Go I". I have scheduled my Colonoscopy. Happy birthday to me. I had to go get my son this morning at 6:30. He's was at an all night thing at the church. There was a little snow on the road and he is only 17 , he said he was really tired and afraid to drive home. When we got there he told me that is was slick last night and he slide into a curb. He really messed the front end up, it was really hard to drive, even for me. So, I guess we will be taking his car in today. Hopefully, it's just an alignment and something isn't bent, I fear the latter. I still have to replace the sump pump.

Update: The Mechanic said something is bent. Great!!!

"Petit Manan, Maine
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Oh Lo, I call with all my might.
On this cold, windswept, stormy night.
To he, who has an ear I call, Oh, heed my sirens wail.
I am a selfless soul you see, upon my rocky perch.
When times are tough, And the gale blows rough,I squint my eyes to see.
Oh, harken to my piercing cry, And turn away from me.
Though I’m lonely it is true, Our meeting would go bad for you.
Long distance lovers we will be.
by Derek T Collins, great painter, amateur poet.

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