Friday, January 30, 2009

Four Frozen Slugs

This is suppose to be an artist blog. Big secret, Shhh! I want to make money here, and talk about being an artist. It's not working out. I did take some paintings to Bloomington, Indiana today for a month long show of miniatures. Getting the paintings framed to take there, was the real problem.
Tuesday we got hit with an inch of ice and 6 inches of snow. We lost electricity, then water for 2 days. We don't have a backup heat source. It got colder and colder each day, by yesterday morning, we could see our breathe in the house. We just sat around all day, like frozen slugs, huddled under blankets. Slugs must have brains, because they know to get out of the cold. We however, lived on hope. We refused to leave, even though most of our neighbors had gone to warmer shelter. We just knew that at any time the electricity would come on. I had put off framing the paintings, waiting for the electricity to come on. Finally on Thursday, I had no choice, I had to start framing. So I framed all day, in the house, where it was about 35 degrees. I spent 10 hours running back and forth from the house, to the studio(BARN), where it was even colder. Then I had to load everything up. Meanwhile the family was aimlessly walking around Wal Mart and Target. They weren't shopping, they were only there because of the free heat. We were phoning back and forth to decide where we were going to spend the night. We decided to go to my Dads. So, my wife headed home to pack, so we could leave. Just before she got home, a neighbor came by to tell me that the electricity was going to come on in an hour. So, we all go back to the couch, and assume the hopeful, frozen Slug, position. Getting up every 10 minutes to look out the window to see if we could see anyone working on the electric lines. Three hours later, almost like magic, the world turned back to normal.

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