Monday, January 26, 2009

The Aftermath

I like to laugh,tease and joke with people. Emotionally though, I have a flat line personality. I am extremely competitive,but my highs aren't that high and my lows aren't that low. My mother-in-law, from time to time says, "Show some Enthusiasm" (especially at Christmas, when we're opening presents). However, when it come to my art, it is a different animal. I once told a friend that I didn't know what depression was until I became an artist. That is very true. When your selling or on a creative roll, the high is high. When you are not selling or your creatively spent,the lows are low. I have been painting furiously for a few days, and now I am spent. I have used up all the creative energy that I have, and there is nothing left. It is a depressing time, especially in the winter when sales are slower. Not to mention, the economy is at a stand-still. You would think that I would get the majority of my work done in the winter, when I don't have a lot of art shows. That is never the case. I always paint more in the summer, when I am the busiest. It is because, selling paintings energizes me. Selling, and talking to customers, also give me direction and new ideas. I am couple days late, but here is one of the sunsets that I painted the last few days.

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  1. I wanted to be your first official "follower"...
    I think its kinda more like a modern day "groupie"! It saves a lot on travel and time, but you end up knowing the "grouper" (???) better!!! LOL :)

    PS...the "life's twisting road" have to remember I'm an "amatuer artist" wanna-be that's had a brain injury!!!!!....
    so I guess that makes mine's more of a
    "twisting mind" kinda thing.....
    LOL...not to mention my bad sense of humor!!!)